I. Bookings and payments.

  1. These regulations (Regulations) specify the principles on which TOI TOI Polska Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Płochocińskiej 29, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of National Court Register, under the number KRS (NCR): 0000172894 (Organizer), with share capital of PLN 2,485,000 and the NIP number 118-00-42-784, provides services ordered via the website (Website), which are not provided electronically.
  2. A Customer is a person with whom the Organizer concludes a contract for the provision of services described in the Regulations (Contract). The Customer and the Organizer constitute Parties. In the case of the provisions of the Regulations regarding the relations prior to the conclusion of the Contract, potential Customer is also considered as the Customer.
  3. The Organizer provides a service consisting of providing space in a campsite or camping field as part of a professional campsite under the name TOI CAMP, within the timeframe specified on the Website at the currently organized event (Service). As part of the Service, the following facilities are provided:
    • fenced and illuminated area,
    • 24 hours per day security,
    • catering point; meals served at this point are additionally payable,
    • professional service provided by camp workers,
    • a system of bands identifying the inhabitants of the camp,
    • showers, basins and containers with toilets,
    • facilities for disabled and people with small children,
    • medical care point.

For paying an additional fee, you can acquire:

    • a possibility of plugging-in electrical devices to the electricity,

    • a place in a safe deposit where you can place your valuable personal items.

4. The Service is provided in the area of the direct impact of musical events as part of currently organized events and festivals. The Organizer is not responsible for ensuring quiet hours or reduced noise level at night in any zone, and the separated zones are aimed to ensure order, adequate protection and sanitary and catering points for the Customers.

5. The Organizer is not an organizer of any kind of tourism, and the service provided under the Contract does not constitute a tourist event within the meaning of the Act of 24 November 2017 on Tourist Events and Related Tourist Services.

II. Payments and reservations

  1. The Customer may make a reservation of a place through the Service via an online form available here, by providing the data required to complete this form in accordance with actual facts.
  2. No later than a day after a booking is made, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the booking form. The confirmation includes reservation number, number of indicated participants, a date when the Service will be provided, a price for the Service, and method and date of payment. The Contract is concluded when the Customer receives the booking confirmation.
  3. Children under 12 years are not charged for the Service.
  4. A price indicated in the booking confirmation must be paid within 3 calendar days from the date of booking. Payments can be made via Przelewy24 service or via BLIK (mobile payment system). After posting a payment, the Organizer issues a VAT invoice for the Service and sends it to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer when making the booking. If a payment does not take place within 3 calendar days from the moment of booking, the Contract is terminated.
  5. Places within the Service may be reserved up to 10 calendar days before the opening of TOI CAMP field for a given event. Places for TOI CAMP are also available at the ticket office on-site of a given event until free spots have been sold out, in exchange for payment at this cash register. Services are also purchased and paid in the same way, which according to the Regulations are additionally payable.
  6. In case of a cash payment for a stay at TOI CAMP, a VAT invoice will be issued after the end of the Service and sent to the address indicated by the Customer. The invoice details should be delivered to TOI CAMP or sent by e-mail to within 7 days from the end of the event.
  7. In case of being in possession of an attachment in the form of “carports, canopies and other” or a tent designed for more people than those declared in the booking or the arrival of more people than declared in the reservation, you should pay a surcharge by to calculating it as a difference (provided that it is a positive one) between the price originally determined and the price calculated as follows: the price initially determined will be divided by the area expressed in square meters, resulting from the declared number of people, and by the number of people declared, and the result of this division will be multiplied by the actual area occupied expressed in square meters and the actual number of people. The surcharge referred to in the preceding sentence must be paid in cash immediately after being requested by a TOI CAMP employee.
  8. Each of the Parties may terminate the Contract solely due to an important reason or in the cases specified in the Regulations.

III. Withdrawal from contract

  1. The Customer may withdraw from the Contract at the latest within 14 days before the commencement date of the given event, without giving any reason.
  2. In order to exercise the right to withdraw from the Contract, the Customer shall inform the Organizer about its decision to withdraw from the Contract by way of an unambiguous statement (letter sent by mail to the Organizer's address or via e-mail to the address
  3. To keep the deadline for withdrawing from the Contract, information regarding the exercise of the Customer's right to withdraw from the Contract should be delivered to the Organizer prior to the deadline for withdrawal from the Contract.
  4. In the event of withdrawal from this Contract, the Organizer shall return to the Customer all payments received from it, minus 10% of the service costs, immediately, and in any case not later than 14 days from the date on which the Organizer has been informed about the Customer's decision to withdraw from the Contract. The payment is returned using the same method of payment that has been used by the Customer in the original transaction unless the Customer explicitly has agreed to a different solution; in any case, the Customer shall not incur any fees in connection with this refund.

In the event that the Organizer does not provide the Customer with a place within the framework of the Service, the Organizer shall return to the Customer the price paid by it resulting from the Contract, increased by 10%.

IV. General and order provisions about the Service

  1. The Organizer shall not be in any way obliged to look for persons within the area of TOI CAMP.
  2. Only those who have purchased a place within the framework of the Service and have a participant's ID in the form of a wristband may stay within the area of TOI CAMP. If a participant loses its ID, it must re-purchase the entrance ticket to the TOI CAMP campsite.
  3. The use of an open flame in the following forms is prohibited:
    • bonfires,
    • using various types of heaters in tents,
    • using burners that gas cylinders are equipped with,
    • barbecue

People who do not comply with this paragraph will be immediately removed from the TOI CAMP site without refund of the fee for the space purchased as part of the Service. Such a turn of events is tantamount to termination of the Contract.

4.  There is a strict prohibition on TOI CAMP: 

    • to bring and possess alcohol and any intoxicants affecting the nervous system,
    • in the case of a sanitary service recommendation to bring perishable food.

People who do not comply with this paragraph may be removed from the TOI CAMP site without refund of the fee for the space purchased as part of the Service. Such a turn of events is tantamount to termination of the Contract.

5. It is forbidden to destroy and devastate the equipment on the site of TOI CAMP and digging so-called “drainage channels” around tents. In the event of the occurrence of the above-mentioned incident, it is necessary to restore the original condition and to repair any damage.

6. Everyone staying on the site of TOI CAMP should take care of the order around its place of rest, and in particular, store the waste in a designated place.

7. It is forbidden to plug-in irons, hair dryers, stoves, etc. to electrical sockets in bathrooms.

8. The Organizer reserves the right to choose or change the location of the vehicle, caravan, tent, etc. in order to provide a convenient and satisfactory mutual location for all customers within the area of TOI CAMP.

9. Customers are kindly asked to pay special attention to their belongings.

10. In the case of using the TOI CAMP car park, Customers are obliged to park their cars and motorcycles on designated locations, as indicated by a TOI CAMP employee.

11. Pursuant to the Act of 22 August 1997 on the Protection of Persons and Property, security staff has the right:

    • to determine the legitimacy of people who are on the site of TOI CAMP to stay in this area and to ID-prove these people to establish their identity,
    • to counteract acts of aggression, vandalism and behaviour generally considered as scandalous,
    • to refuse entry to a person whose behaviour may pose a threat to other TOI CAMP participants.

12.        For the good sake of all Customers, the Organizer reserves the right to intervene, in accordance with the law, also in the event of objections regarding the following of security rules not mentioned in the Regulations. TOI CAMP staff is authorized to report any irregularities.

V. TOI CAMP car park.

  1. If it is indicated in the description of the event, the car park is available only to Customers.
  2. Customers need to pay for TOI CAMP car park.
  3. Parking spot is indicated by a TOI CAMP employee and its instruction must be followed.
  4. An owner or a user of a vehicle is obliged to place the TOI CAMP parking card behind the windshield of the vehicle in such a way that it is visible.
  5. Car traffic within and in the TOI CAMP car park should take place at a speed adequate to the conditions.
  6. After parking a vehicle on a spot indicated in the TOI CAMP car park, it is not possible to travel back and forth repeatedly unless it concerns a random situation –then you should report it to the TOI CAMP Organizer's Office.
  7. Access to a car parked in the TOI CAMP car park during the event is only granted to a driver or a person indicated by it, upon presentation of registration. Only one person may access a car.
  8. Within the are if TOI CAMP car park it is prohibited to:
    • consume alcohol and any intoxicants affecting the nervous system,
    • sleep or sit in parked vehicles,
    • “gasify” vehicles,
    • carry out repair works.

It is also forbidden to use fire, in particular:

    • bonfires,
    • cooking (including the use burners that gas cylinders are equipped with),
    • barbecue,
    • smoking of tobacco products outside designated places.

VI. Protection of Personal Data

  1. The protection of personal data is regulated in a document entitled “Privacy Policy” available here . The definitions articulated in this document, hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy, are applicable in the Regulations.
  2. 1The Organizer processes the personal data of Customers also in order to fulfil the legal obligations incumbent on the Organizer in line with art. 6 par. 1 subpar. c of the GDPR.
  3. The legal basis for the processing of personal data of the Customer in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Regulations are the following provisions:
    • Art. 6 par. 1 subpar. a of the GDPR, pursuant to which the processing is lawful when the data subject has consented to the processing of its personal data in one or more specific purposes;
    • Art. 6 par. 1 subpar. b of the GDPR, pursuant to which the processing is lawful when it is necessary to performance contract to which the data subject is a party or to take action at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of contract;
    • Art. 6 par. 1 subpar. c of the GDPR, pursuant to which the processing is lawful when it is necessary to fulfil the legal obligation incumbent on the controller;
    • Art. 6 par. 1 subpar. f of the GDPR, pursuant to which the processing is lawful when it is necessary for purposes arising from legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject have an imperative character to those interests requiring the protection of personal data, in particular when the data subject is a child.

4. The Organize hereby informs and the Customer consents that all notifications, information or other messages from the Organizer related to the provision of the Service will be sent electronically to the e-mail address specified during booking.

VII. IFinal provisions

  1. The Customer may submit reservations regarding the Service to the Organizer (complaint). The complaint may be submitted in writing or via e-mail, at the latest within 14 days from the date of the end a certain event, to the following correspondence address of the Organizer: TOI TOI Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Płochocińska 29, 03-044 Warszawa or the following e-mail address: The complaint should indicate the name and surname of the Customer, the event during which the Service has been provided, and a description of the reservations. Within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, the Organizer shall notify the Customer whether it accepts the complaint or not. The notification in question is delivered to the Customer to its e-mail or correspondence address, indicated during making the reservation or in the complaint.

  2. The Organizer may amend the Regulations by posting its new version on the Website. Such an amendment does not apply to the Contract if the declaration of any of the Parties about its conclusion has been submitted prior to making the amendment.

  3. The Regulations and the Contract are subject to Polish law.
  4. The Customer has no right to withdraw from the Contract within the meaning of the Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights, as this right is excluded by art. 38 item 12 thereof.
  5.  In the event of any dispute related to the performance of the Contract or negative consideration of the complaint submitted by the Customer, the Customer who is a consumer may request a non-judicial resolution of the dispute to the Mazovian Inspector of Trade Inspection [Mazowiecki Wojewódzki Inspektor Inspekcji Handlowej] (Sienkiewicza 3, 00-015 Warszawa). In the request, the Customer shall describe in detail the case in question and provide data of both sides, the subject matter of the dispute and demands. A list of other entities entitled to non-judicial resolution of such disputes is available on the following website: